Prayer Requests/Prayer Circle

We invite you to call the first person on the list below to begin your prayer request.  If you are unable to contact the first person on the list, please call the next person on the lists below to begin your request.

The Circle operates in the following manner.  Prayers are put through to the first person in the group. If the person you call is not home, call the next person on the list. The first person will then call the second person on the list, until everyone in the group has been called concerning your prayer request.

419-629-3462 --Linda Suchland
419-733-8779 --Cheryl Macklem
419-394-8661 --Sandy Brown
419-629-2015 --Sandy Wierwille
419-394-4978 --Yvonne Strohmeyer
419-733-1301 --Lynne Miller
419-394-8020 --Linda Yahl
We invite you to include the following people in your daily prayers: Larry Wilkins, Janet Dicke, Marilyn Adams, Tanner Fortman, Judy VonBlon, Marvin Opperman, Juli Clark, Kim Lampert, Alan Bishir, Jim Folk, Mike Geib, Jeff Howison, Richard Seas Family, Carrie Hupp, Zach Wilson, John Wierwille, Greg Weaver, Bill Nedderman, Sandi Deerhake, Margaret Miller, Steve Bolen, Lucas Regula, Baby Christian Leonhard, Bev Wenning, Alice, Betty Hussey, Teri Maze, Bill Greber, Christine Poe, Karen Vornholt, Jennifer Roby, Violet and the Family of Tom Sudman.



Please pray for  Sean Lawler, Andrew Johnson, Michael Carroll, Eli Handy, Nathan Adams, Jacob Yahl, Brad Platt, Josh Maze, Laura Donovan, Jason Gross, and Daniel C. Lukac, IV who are in the service.  Please pray for them, their family and their safe return home.


nullTake Some Time Today to P.R.A.Y.

  • PRAISE -- Thank God for what he has already accomplished through Jesus.
  • REPENT -- Confess your sins and shortcomings.  Repent personally and on behalf of our nation.  The Lord is quick to forgive when we come humbly to him.
  • ASK -- Ask God to reveal truth, turn our hearts back toward him, and bring healing.
  • YIELD -- Yield to the Lord and recognize that he has heard our prayers and will answer according to his will.  He is ready to provide guidance and direction.